Eastern Cape Provincial Arts and Culture Council

ECPACC Funding Activities

ECPACC strives to become an increasingly pro-active and sustainable public entity with the skills and resources necessary to create an enabling environment for the ongoing development of arts and culture in the province. To this end, the council involves itself in various activities, including:

  • Identification and Documentation of Eastern Cape Arts and Culture
    ECPACC is in a process of research, data gathering and documentation of artists and art forms past, present and future which are intrinsic to the Eastern Cape.

  • Skills Training
    EPACC is committed to assisting in coordinating skills training with the Department of Labour and SETAs.

  • Provision of Facilities for the Development of Neglected Arts and Culture
    Identification and provision of infrastructure and support for marginalised and neglected art forms that were previously disadvantaged and which are under threat.

  • Development of Neglected Arts, Cultures and Languages
    ECPACC remains committed to the research and promotion of those art forms that were previously disadvantaged and which are under threat.

  • Production and Audience Development
    ECPACC vigorously supports the core function of promotion of finished work by artists and practitioners through exhibitions and performances, and public attendances at these events.

  • Employment and Income Generation
    ECPACC supports the establishment of cultural industries with start up funds for SMMEs in arts and culture as a means of self-sustainability, as prescribed by the Cultural Industries Growth Strategy.

  • Growth to Excellence and Sustainablity
    ECPACC supports the promotion and exposure of artists and their artworks of excellence, considering this aspect to be primary to the task of revitalising the arts and making available to the public the unique culture of the province.

  • Maintaining the Existing Skills Pool of Arts and Culture in the Eastern Cape
    Improved promotion and exposure for artists and artworks of excellence in the Eastern Cape to better sustain and retain practitioners of value.

  • Affirmative Action and Redress
    Primary to ECPACC's task is the support of the previously disadvantaged and marginalised. Some of the most accomplished artists in the province, for example, are rural women.